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high protein for fat loss?

If one is using a ketogenic diet and is just worried about losing fat and not gaining any muscle, is it necessary to consume a large amount of protein? I’d tend to think that because the goal of the diet is that your body burns fat as its main source of energy, there’d be no need for extra protein.

Yes and no. Obviously, protein needs go up as fewer carbs are available for energy in order to prevent catabolism. However, if too much protein is ingested, the body can convert it to glucose through the process of gluconeogenesis. In short, up your protein, but don’t overdo it or you’ll significantly decrease the amount of fat you burn.

Your body will burn protien and fat at the same time and if you don’t have an appropriate amount of protien in your diet guess where the energy is going to come from. Thats right, it is going to rip the living shit out of your muscles.