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High Protein Foods


Ok, forget all supplements and shakes/etc. What are you guy's and girl's fav protein foods. Personally mine are tuna (42 g/1 can), with brown rice (4.9g per cup cooked) and dark red kidney beans (24 g/1 cup cooked) mmmm together with a couple eggs and milk and voila! 100 plus grams easy! I am just asking so I can maybe incorporate more high protein food in my diet and to get more variety! Also how many eggs is it healthy to eat in a day (with cholesterol being a factor) and to yolk or not to yolk?


eggs and yolks have been discussed ad nauseum here. Eat as many as your girlfriend can stand! Yolk and all if you want the fat. Don't worry about cholesterol.

I like cottage cheese, Grow! and pineapples or peaches. Great bedtime meal.
Beef jerky for snacks
Nice fat porterhouse for supper!


ahhh I love cottage cheese and forgot it on my list :stuck_out_tongue: I eat at a cafeteria as I live in a rez here at university, they don't offer much, so I have to make due! But they do serve cottage cheese!