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High Protein...Fat?

I’ve recently started a high-protein diet…ya know, basic - 200g a day, at 180lbs. Ever since I started though, everyone’s been telling me that all this protein is going to make me fat. I use Whey (my GNC didn’t carry Casein). My question is, where do these people get the idea that protein=fat?

You should ask them where they get their info. Tell them to show it to you.

If you eat more calories than you burn then you’ll likely add some fat. There’s nothing in particular that would make protein more likely than carbs to make you fat, in fact, protein is less likely to be turned into fat because it is an energy costly process to make that conversion in the body.

What is the rest of you macro.If your eating all that protein without adequate fat,you will definetly oxidise protein.To quote Duchaine"I think the number one cause for aspiring bodybuilders inability to gain muscle is his/her rigid high-protein,low-fat diet."Im not sure but if your trying to get bigger by just raising your protein intake without adequate fat intake,you might end up looking fatter.

Does that GNC whey protein you use cause any bloating or discomfort for you? I’ve noticed it in the past with that stuff and I’m wondering if it’s just me or if it’s pretty common.

With the ubiquity of internet access these days, why on Earth would anyone still buy anything at GNC?

When I first started dieting, I ate low fat, moderate carbs, and high protein (didn’t know anything about good fats). After a while I stalled and then learned about good fats. Gains and fat loss came pretty quick. So I don’t think low fat will make you fat, it just might stall your gains and fat loss in the long run. Although this is just using me as an example.

I am on a high protein diet, but I also consume a couple of the “good fats” the Omegas. I do this in the form of flax seed oil and fish oil caps. Another quickie - how much of these should be taken - I currently take 12 fish caps a day, and 2 caps of the flax seed oil.

I still buy at GNC because I don’t have a credit card I can use to buy stuff from Biotest.