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high-protein distance running diet

hiya, i am planning my summer training and diet for this summer, and i was wondering what would be a good mid-afternoon meal? Also wadaya think of my plan? Here it is:

6:00 -wake up, have some applesauce, then go run (its a running progression, but average of an hour a day running).
7:00- get back from run, have post-workout 60 g carbs and whey protein shake(30g). Then large glass of veggi-juice, and five-softboiled eggs.
9:00- big bowl of hot oats
11:00- 2 chicken breasts w/ veggis
12:00- weight training then post-workout 60g carbs and 30g protein.
[insert good thing to eat in the afternoon]
dinner- salmon or beef w/ veggis and salad
before bed- cottage cheese and non-citrus fuit

thats it! thx for any help =)