High-Protein Diets May Decrease T Levels in Men


Not even going to bother reading that.

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“Results from 27 studies involving a total of 309 men were compiled by the researchers. Those who followed a high protein, low carb diet had much lower levels of testosterone compared to others. Having more than 35 percent protein reduced testosterone levels by 37 percent, which is medically referred to as hypogonadism, the researchers found.”

They note that keeping protein levels to 25% or less of your total calories would prevent this. Also, I’m curious if the T levels bounce back after carbs are re-introduced.

I think there could be secondary factors that cause this which are likely unaccounted for… Primarily that men eating an abundance of protein (compared to normal plebs) are probably doing so because they exercise frequently. This has been shown to decrease T levels, at least in the short run.

If the study doesn’t account for this, then I’d personally consider this whole notion bunk. But I guess I already do tho so :man_shrugging:

The article title is misleading. They didn’t appear to just look at high protein diets, but high protein and low-fat diets. What about high protein and high carbohydrate?

Regardless, I’ve tracked my calories and protein for the last 6 weeks, and my protein intake is around 22% total calories.

I don’t think so at the levels they’re talking about. I see this as an extreme keto-type diet which is usually done by obese people trying to lose weight. Obese folks do have lower T values.

Those that workout or train intensely tend to eat a decent amount of carbs and maybe 20% or so of their calories come from protein.

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Why would you post an article like this anyway?

“May” decrease? Come on…

I agree with the above in that it’s likely relevant to fatties losing weight using a keto approach.

Pointless post.

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It’s science. You are never going to get an article that says “absolutely does”. Hell, smoking still “may” cause cancer.

Awesome, more donuts then.
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Off topic but ive learned the hard way that lots of meat, and basically no wheat products, are the best for me. Fat is fine. I was looking and feeling my very best when drinking heavy whipping cream for "extra calories ".