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High protein diet

I’m currently a college student taking a nutrition course. I recently read a post about maybe 3-4 months ago on this forum about someone describing a WebMD article comparing weight loss with the ketogenic diet and a high carb diet. The person specified that the high carb diet lost the most weight but lost muscle whereas the one’s on the ketogenic diet actually lost less weight but gained muscle. I mentioned this to my nutrition professor and she mentioned that maybe the ones on the anabolic diet gained in LBM but could not have gained muscle. She did acknowledge however that eating more protein in a diet will increase protein synthesis so I felt a bit confused. If anyone had any such related articles on such muscle gains on a atkins-like diet, I’d greatly appretiate it. Furthermore, I was wondering if eating more protein in your diet along with good calcium supplementation will in fact increase your muscle mass without working out in general. My nutrition teacher said this would not happen without putting stress on the muscles but reading related articles from this site, I believe I’ve heard the oppisite. Could someone verify? I know I eat a ton of protein in my diet, don’t work out, and I’m a hell lot bigger than people my size. Maybe it’s genetics but I don’t know because I’ve been dieting for the past 11 months and lost 80 pounds (now 5’6.5 and 145 lbs/still dieting) and you would think I’d have lost more muscle than people my avg height and weight given the long period of dieting. I mean my muscle mass has gone down considerably but I lost a hell lot of fat and I’m ripped so I’m wondering if me eating more protein had anything to do with it? Thanks.