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High-Protein Diet Without Supplements and Getting Too Many Calories?

Hi. im 24 years old, 180cm tall, about 80kg. im currently dieting to lose fat, and i want to keep my protein-intake near 160-180grams a day while not eating more than about 2000 calories. is lean meat the only way to go? thanks.

Chicken, Lean beef/pork/fish, egg whites, low-fat dairy products are all good sources of nearly only protein.

And if those are your goals (160-180g protein for 2000kcal, which is less than 40% total calories) then you don’t really need to avoid the protein foods with higher fat;

Eggs, thicker beef/poultry/fish, full-fat dairy, etc.

And also, the food sources that your carbs and fats will be coming from will most likely have protein as well, which will add towards your totals. So you do have many options.