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High Prolactin


I have high prolactin but have never taken deca, tren or NPP.

It's only slightly high at 14 with normal range being 2.6-13.1.

From a bodybuilding perspective, will this hinder me in any way?

My libido is fine and I'm not showing any other symptoms for a pituitary tumor.


Quite a few things can temporarily elevate prolactin. Did you do the dirty or anything like that the night before?


Same thing happened to me after a simple test E only cycle with an epistane kick start about a year or so back. Mine was a bit higher than yours, I think almost 30 but can’t remember exactly. Same as you, no symptoms libido and mood were fine and no signs of lactation or gyno.

It eventually normalized on its own but is still a little high to this day. That cycle I lost some gains after PCT (obviously), but the high prolactin didn’t really mess up my physique in any noticeable way, I continued to make gains in future cycles and training. If I were you I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless you start seeing symptoms or feeling differently


high prolactin can lower dopamine levels, which means you will feel much better if you bring prolactin to a more reasonable level.

also, high prolactin can lead to lactation, and if estrogen creeps up, will increase the likelihood of getting gyno (not too mention increased fat storage, etc)


I’ve heard of all of those symptoms being associated with high prolactin, but it was weird, there was no discernible difference in my mood or sex drive when my prolactin was 2x what it should have been, and when it was close to normal. This might not be the case for everyone, and I also wonder if they somehow screwed up the one set of bloods where it was so high.


[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
Quite a few things can temporarily elevate prolactin. Did you do the dirty or anything like that the night before?[/quote]

Yes night before


So I tested again and this time I fell within range at 12.

I wonder if I ran 0.5mg caber/week would I see any benefits?


Are you having any symptoms?


[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
Are you having any symptoms?[/quote]

No but Ive read high prolactin negatively effects body composition? Would lower prolactin levels help me during my cut?


Honestly going from 12 to say 3 i think you will not even notice a thing but i could be wrong. As long as its not way out of range youll be fine imo.