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High Prolactin WO/ Libido Problems?

I’m on 490mg/wk of tren and 210mg/wk of test, pinned ED, and 30mg dbol pre workout. I’m using adex at .5mg EOD now that I started the dbol. I was using .25mg EOD before I added in the dbol.

My nipples are kind of sensitive, they have been for a little over a week. I just started the dbol, and with only 210mg of test (with .25mg adex EOD), I’m not so sure it’s from estrogen. Plus, I’ve done a test/dbol cycle before with the same adex doses and didn’t have any gyno/nipple sensitivity problems. There are no hard lumps behind my nipples, either.

I’m wondering if it could be from prolactin? Although, BR has said tren isn’t necessarily prolactin inducing, IIRC. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, I’m not terribly worried, as I’m not having any other problems. I don’t have any libido problems, but I would like to hear some thoughts about it possibly being high prolactin. I’m only worried because I don’t want to brush if off, only for it to bite me in the ass and hinder my recovery.

Thanks in advance…

Tren stacked with test…i personally wouldn’t be overly concerned/blame elevated P…I would focus more on elevated E. While tren alone will not cause gyno, its metabolites most likely enhance the effect of elevated E. Bump up the dex and maybe grab some caber if you wish to fully cover your bases.

Thanks for the reply!

Id guess estrogen. Thats not a lot of adex at all. And the methyl estradiol from the dbol is more potent than estradiol from T. Increase the adex.

And to add. Estrogen tolerance changes. Hormone levels in general change over time, so its safe to assume that reactions to drugs manipulate them will likely change.


This is wrong. The reaction wont change. You’ll just need more adex if your body aromatizes T to E at a higher rate.