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High Prolactin Two Years After Cycle

Hello! I am a 27 year old male, I finished my second and last cycle in March of 2017. My first cycle was test e 500mg a week for 10 weeks, then my second cycle was 750mg a week for 10 weeks, I did tren a for about two weeks during the cycle and then stopped because of acid reflux and anxiety. I ran HCG throughout the cycle, then did nolva/clomid PCT. I do not remember the length or dosage I am sorry, it’s been a minute. It’s been two years and this is my bloodwork I just got back today… my prolactin is in normal range but still high in the window. I got bloodwork in September 2017. My results back then were… total test was 437.3, free test was 6.2, LH: 5.0, FSH: 4.3, prolactin was 22. I did a really short run of caber and then honestly just fell off and assumed I was fine (which of course was a mistake) and carried on. I recently became curious and just went and got this bloodwork on a whim and now here I am.

Prior to the second cycle my total test number sat around 600, I assumed that by now my levels would have climbed back up but I guess I was wrong. Could my 14.1 prolactin level be contributing to my low test? My LH levels are fine so that means my balls work, correct? Should I try and jump on a run of caber?

Are you having any symptoms that would be caused by high prolactin?

If your pre cycle total test was 600 then you certainly didn’t recover properly

I wonder why since u have used hcg and also proper pct

Can Caber be the reason?

How many months did you wait between cycles?

Lack of sex drive would be the main thing. It’s still there a tiny bit. Erections aren’t quite as strong but still works

Time off in between cycles was around 18 weeks

Ok, so that’s a no then. Those are more likely symptoms of low testosterone, which you absolutely do have, and not of high prolactin, which you decidedly don’t have. Low e2 isn’t helping either. The last thing you really need is to treat your normal prolactin levels when your test is that of a 70 year old man. Those hoofs you hear? They’re not zebras.

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For sure. Do you think it’d be worth it to maybe try a run of clomid to boost test? Am I headed for TRT? Any help would be appreciated, thanks for taking the time to respond

Clomid monotherapy is used by doctors as a way to avoid trt. The problem is that it doesn’t work long term. It provides a temporary boost and can be run for 6+ mo, but after that the effects tend to slowly wear off and you’re back to where you were before. (This is a massive oversimplification, but it’s to give you a basic outline)

Perhaps you could run Nolva at a low dose for a bit and then get your levels checked again? I don’t know, I’m loathe to suggest something that isn’t traditional pct, because it goes from “harm reduce for steroid users” and into “I’m playing doctor on the internet”, which is not the direction I want to head. If you have a good relationship with your doctor you might want to sit down and explain what’s going on.

I completely understand. Will go to my doctor. Thanks for all of the help I appreciate it!

If I was in your situation I would try Micheal Scally’s power pct protocol and then do bloods 4 weeks post it.

And if it Still doesn’t come back then I would hop on TRT

Scally’s pct is veeeery heavy on e2 production. Does not seem worth it when most people recover simply by using a SERM.

Did a lot of reading today after seeing this reply. Just seeing the suggestion kind of opened up a beam of hope inside of me, so thank you lol. Seems that the HCG in the power PCT is unnecessary and running clomid and nolva together isn’t beneficial. It’s looking like I would be better off just running 8-10 weeks of nolvadex at 20mg. I’m open to suggestion of course

Hello all! So I decided to do KSman’s HPTA restart protocol. So far I am seeing great results. Would be awesome for anyone to take a look at it and give me any advice. My SHBG is in the normal range, but still kind of high IMO - any tips on how to help that?. Here are 4 separate lab work results from the time I first started to now - labeled with the date I took the blood test. I’m excited and I feel pretty good. I am now currently tapering off of the Nolva. Running 5mg EOD till next week, 2.5mg the week after, then i cut it out… but I continue to use anastrozole EOD for 3 weeks after that, tapering down to nothing. My estrogen is sitting at around 18 at a dose of .125 anastrozole EOD, should I maybe lower it slightly to get it at 22? Sorry if this is all kind of jumbled





also, I started taking boron last week to hopefully help my free testosterone and SHBG

I’m a dummy when it comes to this stuff, but your FT/TT increase is great to see! Do you mind me asking what the KSman protocol was?

I think the real test, unfortunately, will be once you’re done taking everything, will your numbers stick, or go back down?

Wishing you the best man, definitely optimistic !

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HCG 250iu EOD for 6 weeks… Bloods at week four… I saw improvement so I moved to Nolva 20mg EOD for 6 weeks… bloods at around week 5 or 6 on this… cut my Nolva to 10mg for a week… now I’m at 5mg for a week… then after this week 2.5 mg for a week and then done.

Running anastrozole the entire time at .125ml EOD

after nolva is done, run .125 for 2 more weeks, then run .0625 for a week and then im completely done. hopefully it keeps looking good and i stay that way! staying positive :slight_smile:

Why are you smashing your e2 like this? What is the purpose?

Was following this advice. Would you reccomend the AI is not necessary? My E2 levels are right around my target now so I assumed what I was doing was correct

Looking at this protocol gave me osteoporosis