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High Prolactin or Progesterone Cause Estrogen like Symptoms and Bloat?

I notice that when I ran Tren and deca on and off, ever since then I have had perpetual bloat and estrogen like symptoms despite being on TRT dose, using mast, and taking .5mg arimidex everyday to see if estrogen was my issue

Bloodwork always showed estrogen fine around 22 but tried crashing it anyways with no effect.

I notice that my bloodwork for prolactin when going in for TRT with doctor had my level at 17…on a range of 18.

So I was naturally at the upper end, always had pubertal gyno.

Anyways, Tren bloats me like crazy…I can’t drop weight even when fasting, and anything I eat gives me awful acid reflux.

I know Tren activates progesterone receptors, so is it possible there is some connection between my symptoms and either prolactin or progesterone?

I believe caber helps me tremendously so I’m going to try it again and get bloodwork for current prolactin aswell, will just have to pay out of pocket.


I’m a bit confused. You have a couple questions but you seemed to answer most of them.

Hmmm no I don’t believe prolactin causes water retention generally speaking tren ace will dry you out. I know Tren gives me absolutely horrible acid reflux I have to take 2 zantac 150s a day.

This is the go to for prolactin issues. If I were you and you know you have elevated prolactin without teen I would def never run tren without caber. It’s expensive sure $70-100 for 20 1mg tabs from over seas pharmacies but at a dose of 0.25-0.5 twice a week you only need one bottle to last you a whole cycle or probably even two so it’s a wise investment. Plus there’s the recreational benefits of caber that some people really enjoy.

So if your E2 is within range and your taking caber and your still experiencing water retention I would suggest dropping the test dose or maybe your body is just different then most others.

Since progesterone is different than prolactin I imagine that could cause water retention? When a girl gets pregnant progesterone is involved and along comes lactating, bloating, weight gain, etc

All things I experience when I take Tren, which interacts with progesterone receptors

That is true. Altho the comparison is hard to make their bodies and everything involved are completely different.

I did a bit more research and it seems it’s not as uncommon as I thought. There seems to be a lot of speculation on what can cause it it no solid information.

Are you drinking a lot of water? Your body will hold water if it feels it’s being dehydrated. Tren is extremely dehydrating for me. I would suggest at leat a gallon and a half a day. I know if I drink anything less i feel off.

There is some speculation about cortisol being high as well I don’t think that’s the case tho tren does a pretty good job at lowering cortisol levels.

Take the caber drink lots of water and give it a few weeks. If nothing changes then it’s probably just how your body responds to tren and you either accept it or don’t run it anymore.

Yeah I’m good on water, 1-2 gallons a day

Doesn’t help me :frowning:

Gonna get caber again Tuesday and see how I do in it