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High Prolactin, Low Testosterone?

Hi little advice needed please.

37 year old male with aas history. From the UK.

Was on self administered TRT for two and a half years with HCG usage at 250 x2 a week.

Missus wanted another kid. So came off in mid December 18. Ran PCT of nolvadex for 4 weeks.

3 blood tests so far

9/1/19 Start of PCT.
Shbg 26.4. … Range 18.3 - 54.1
FSH 1.19… R 1.15 - 12.4
Lh 0.3. … R 1.7 - 8.6
Oest 33. …R 41 - 159
Testosterone 5.5…R 8.64 - 29
Prolactin 278… R 86 - 324

24/1/19 two weeks into nolvadex 10mg day
Shbg 27.6
FSH 3.59
Lh 3.33
Oest 79
Testosterone 8.4
Prolactin 325

Shbg 26.4
FSH 3.07
Lh 2.95
Oest 106
Testosterone 9.55
Prolactin 409

As you can see my prolactin is well out of range. I had been using an SSRi for 9 months which a month ago I stopped as I’ve read about it’s prolactin increasing properties.

Questions I have are. Is my prolactin stopping my testosterone from getting any higher.

Why is my estrogen continuing to rise. Is it due to low testosterone.

Are my numbers ok as I’ve been off for almost 4 months now.

Will taking zma or panax ginseng help with estrogen and prolactin or do I need caber etc. IL add I have used caber in the past and didn’t like side effects.

Any and all knowledgeable advice would be appreciated thankyou.


Well your e2 is rising because your test is rising. Remember, your body was used to exogenous test for over two years. So you’re adjusting back to something closer to normal.

If you don’t do well on Caber you can try Prami. Same idea. But you shouldn’t need more than a week or two to get that prolactin down. Once it’s down I would suspect that it won’t start rising again.

How long after pct was completed was that last blood test?

If I remember correctly progesterone is connected to prolactin somehow. Vitamin b6 at 600mgs per day has been shown to help lower progesterone. It’s one of the few supplements that actually work. I don’t know how much it will lower it. Hopefully it will help your situation.

6 weeks since pct ended. I’m just shocked that prolactin is so high. Or actually that it has continued to rise. Also isn’t my estrogen a little high in relation to my testosterone. Which I believe is 275ng in US measurements.

I’m hoping that is down to SSRi usage. I will get bloods done again in 4 weeks and if it hasn’t stopped I will get some prami although dopamine agonists worry me.

There was guy on YouTube who were sayın even on trt you can have children with Clomid usage

He was working at a clinic as far as I know

You can search for that information

I believe nolva has been shown to raise your prolactin. I think it’s probably common for it to be high after a nolva pct.

Double check this because I’m not 100% but pretty sure I read a study about it