High Prolactin, Low Libido - Second Opinion

Hey guys,

Did a second blood test. Here are the results:

Prolactin: 672 mIU/L (40 - 450) OR 30.6 ng/ml (<20)

My GP ordered a Brain MRI scan (he didn’t mention elevated prolactin levels). The test was done without injecting a contrast. I’m not sure if that makes a significant difference, but I thought I ll mention it.

Result: Everything is normal. No evidence of Prolactinoma.

The GP now says no further treatment needed. It could be due to stress or other medications lol. I forced him to prescribe me a medication. He ordered a third blood test just to be sure. This is the guy who said T3 is the same as FT3 when I ordered Thyroid blood test.

I would like to get a second opinion. What should I do?

From my understanding, Cabergoline is the best for lowering prolactin, but can’t get it without pres.

yeah your prolactin is way out of range. How is your diet. I’m not too sure how to reduce maybe find another doctor