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High Prolactin Levels

I have been on Sustanon for 7 weeks at 0.5ml E7D.

Just done a blood test and my prolactin levels have doubled since starting and have been suggested I see an endo.

Why would this double?

TSH is slightly high now, assume due to high prolactin. Was fine before.

Would pinning every 5D make any difference? The last two days have been low days!

Many thanks.

TRT attempts to restore metabolic rates and works together with the thyroid to accomplish this, if thyroid was already struggling it will lag behind as the pituitary gland asks it to pick up the pace, if the thyroid is unable to perform, TSH will stay elevated.

TRT can expose weak links in other organs or glands.

Twice weekly injections will solve low days and keep levels more stable.

You may need medication to lower prolactin, medications or antidepressants can increase prolactin.

Thanks @systemlord. I’m not on any meds except Sustanon. I’ll give E5D a go to see if it balances things.

If you take cabergoline it’ll lower your prolactin.