High Progesterone

I just got my labs back today from my doctor and my progesterone is .6 where the normal range is .1-.3. How can you lower progesterone? I feel like I am getting some ED and not sure if it is a result of the high progesterone. My test is 1200 and my e2 is 23. Any ideas on how to get the progesterone in a normal range?

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Wow, no replies.

How did you decrease your progesterone finally guy?


can do someone help me?

ive heard winny can lower progesterone

Have not seen this before, so no one has an answer.

Post your other lab work and ranges, maybe there is a clue there.

Other adrenal hormones of interest: DHEA-S, AM cortisol [at 8AM]

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Free T results?

Progesterone can be HPTA repressive, but no sign of that with TT-1200

Are you natural?

I don’t see high progesterone causing ED. Mine is double the highest range because I supplement with it to control DHT.