High Progesterone Level

Hello Friends, i have high progesterone Level, how i can lowering this??

iam on cycle with testosterone e 500mg week for 6 months, for the first three months i used nandrolone phenylopropionate, i use HCG from start 1250iu every week, i use cabergoline in dose 0,5mg every week, my blood works:
SHBG 18,9 (13,5-71,40)
e2 39 (8-43)
prolactin 0,3 (4,0-15,2) L
testosterone >1500 (280-800)
progesterone 4,2 (0,2-1,4) H

my Libido is crashed

any other symptoms like dizziness and fatigue?

yes, fatigue

are there any drugs to lowering progesterone??

When was your last dose of deca? Deca makes me extremely fatigued to the point of being like bedridden.

last dose of NPP i taked a month ago

You’re pretty hard core, so idk why your levels are where they are, but progesterone has a seditive like affect, and I know they would give high does of progesterone to pedefiles to kill their sex drive, so I’m sure your high level is doing just that. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.