High Profiler

Rolls some red carpet lol

Turns out my client, a producer will be having a TV Show on Personal Trainers in the NYC area, and I’ve been invited to audition for it and to be his consultant.

So…Yes, I am high profile now. You may bow before me. Chop chop, let’s get some bowing done!!! grin

All humor aside, I thought it was pretty neat. Turns out he actually gave the network MY story as an example, since I’m an aspiring pilot, an Airman in the USAF, and seem to have much knowledge of the Fitness Industry (I’m boggled too; don’t ask me, I dont know what happened there)

So, if you see someone with a thick european accent, enjoy. Chances are you’ll get your revenge, and just maybe you’ll realize I can be a pretty cool guy, even if a rageahol addict…Alas, I’ll probably get threat calls from Bigconan, insisting bears cannot outrun lions…

I suspect Ill get jumped on by the anti-americans, the powerlifters, and more. Please try to restrain yourselves though. I did go so far as to share the cool news with the T-hood, AND if this flies there’ll be some pretty darn good publicity for T-Mag.com.
Maybe I’ll even put some of that there rageahol to good use and burn the Detour bars, allowing Biotest to continue their fine line of grow! bars, lol.

Hey, if I was considered for a TV show, anything’ll happen!!! Maybe it’ll start raining dogs. Who knows, I might even give up my rageahol!

diesel23 is really that dumb ass on tv I for got his name Oh yea it was Tony Little. Sorry I couldn’t resist.


I doubt it.

Just don’t go saying some typical Diesel dumbass remark and make us all look like know-it-all buffoons!


Thunder - I’m starting to think you don’t like Diesel that much? :slight_smile:

I’m not the only one.

Thunder: Agreed.

Anyone else find it rather scary that diesel is gonna be “consulting” someone about personal training?


Yeah. I mean, this coming from someone who proclaims her pizza and beer meals.

Well you know what? I’ll still be making plenty of money doing something awesome, and you’ll be doing…the same old shit.

Sounds good to me.

Totally agree with Thunder and Colin.

Diesel - Patricia has a hell of a lot more respect on this board than you do.

Good on you diesel. Some of you need to lighten up, aren’t we a bit too old to be holding internet grudges?

Don’t forget to always compliment him and tell him how pretty he is.Treating people nice is important in any relationship. Don’t just use this guy for sex, remember he does have feelings!

Pizza? I could have sworn it was burgers.

Congratulations. That’s going to be fun.

I think what the others are saying is that all you’ve done is covince people who don’t know crap about working out that you do. Richard Simmons, Tony Little, and the Raw Diet guy all have gotten a lot of attention, but that is from playing on the issues of the sheeple. Be a cut above and represent us well.

Is it me or is this guy blowing his own horn at least once a week?

Actually it’s pizza, beer, burgers and whatever the hell else she want to eat.

And while doing this, staying in shape and moving big weights (probably bigger than you’ll ever move) all at the age of 37.

Sounds like people could learn more from her than a little prick like you.

And don’t even bother threatening me with your lame ass “warm hospital” lines, cause I think everyone here knows you don’t have a chance in hell.

And Ko skips the jab and comes right out with a knockout uppercut.


We’ve actually seen photos of Pat and Ko, yet yours escaped the forums for some reason

I just read over some of your posts, and man, you are an asshole who likes to talk bad about everything and anything that you don’t know about. You’ve called women cunts and insulted everyone and everything, and yet you still think you are the shit. It’s just too bad the Armed Services couldn’t rid us of your presence sooner.