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High Pin Presses For Bench Press?

When using a high pin press for the bench press particularly the top half what sort of weight do you use compared to your regular flat bench ie 10 % more etc ?

It depends on the lifter.

Some people have super terrible lockouts or shitty elbows, etc.

Some people can’t start from a deadstop for shit.

Thanks for your input much appreciated

I think high pin presses have a place for people who are already explosive off the chest and truly do miss lifts near the top. Most lifters I have helped have a weak lock out because the bar comes off their chest at snail speed. If you try to break a board are you going to slowly press your fist into it or punch in with all your power? Get fast off your chest before resorting to high pin presses. Don’t do speed work with 50-60% of your max that is useless learn to press 70-80% of your max as fast as you can. Just my two cents hope it helps. Have a good one.