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High-Performance Mass Training - For Powerlifting


I was reading through the livespill for Thib's new program, and one of the questions was about adapting the program for the purpose of powerlifting.

Thib suggested that the program be modified by using 87.5% of your 1rm as the Max Training Weight and instead of doing three weeks of triples, do triples in the first week, doubles in the second and singles in the third.

I was considering doing this for 12 weeks or 4 cycles. Using the OHP, Inc Press and Bench Press for my upper body lifts, and Squats and Sumo Deads as my lower body lifts.

Has anyone thought of trying this, or has anyone started doing this one? And if you are what have chosen as your lifts.


Probably would of tried it if i seen it. :slightly_smiling: %87 seems rather high for triples though with that kind of frequency.