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High Performance Mass Setup


Hey Thibs,
i read your high performance mass article/program and was very enticed. My only issue was that my gym is closed on weekends and therefore i don't have any gym equiptment to use on weekends. Having read the article it calls for weekend training. Would this be a major issue for me? or would there be ways to work around it?

If it helps at all im 18, 79kgs and have been lifting for 1.5 years and so far my lifts are
Bench press: 115kg
Deadlift: 195kg
Squat: 140kg

I just thought by putting in my stats it may help rather than leave you in the dark.

Thanks, im really curious about starting this routine if somehow it can fit into the structure i have stated.


It seems that your best option is to move your Lat / Bicep day to Wed and do Neural Charge Sat/Sun. All of the bodyweight exercises can be done outside of the home and you can always buy a medicine ball for home use.


Thanks, that seems the most logical thing to do. Btw as a secondary question do you think this routine is too advanced for one such as me? i mean iv never previously training 5 days in a row of lifting? what do you think?


I don't see why it would but CT would know best. I just started lifting again last Sep and picked these principles up in Dec when he released the.article. My 15 year old started lifting with me in Dec and he started following this right with me and has been doing great. His 3rm went from 110 I think to 200 in just 3 months. His previous lifting experience was garbage unfortunately, school coaches are ill informed I'm afraid. But his gains have been ridiculous. Just expect a fair amount of shoulder pain through at least the first four to five weeks but it does go away.