High Performance Mass for a Powerlifter

Powerlifter for 5 years
BW = 88 kg (195 lbs)
height = 6 ft
Squat = 260 kg (570 lbs) RAW
Bench Press = 150 kg (330 lbs) RAW
Sumo Deadlift = 250 kg (550 lbs) RAW

I’m thinking of doing High Performance Mass for my block of hypertrophy, during 6 weeks, and follow it with Smolov for the Squat. Since I have the WPC’s World Championship in October I would like Your opinion on :

  • any changes in this Plan for a Powerlifter
  • Sugestions to emphasize the Bench Press
  • and your opinion on doing Smolov after, because I’m afraid that it can be very taxing on my body, because there will be virtually no maintenance period after the 6 weeks, I only have 1 week to get the PR’s and I start Smolov in the following week.


I believe CT has said before that to emphasis the bench press you could choose it for your second and third lift for your upper body pressing. It’s been a week already so you might have already started but that much squatting and deadlifting at that weight seems like it’ll seriously take its toll. Following it with smolov seems like a recipe for burn out but with your experience you probably know better than me.