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High Performance Mass Blank Template Link


Hi All - I created a blank template going out for 3 weeks calculating the ramp/wave loading. All you have to do is know your 1RM, 3RM and MTW. Once you enter those in, all the other numbers esimating your weights for each set will be calculated for you.

This is obviously going to be really important for anyone wanting to run the cycle for more than 3 weeks at a time as you get stronger or add in the 5 pound jumps to your MTW's for your lifts.

Week 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?h6o52h5a2s8vi7u

Week 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?7gdaypruraht2vt

Week 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?lul8c7bj8dukljd


That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


The one thing worth mentioning is sadly my push press MTW is less than 200, so the initial ramping from set 1-6 is slightly different than if your MTW for your first exercise is greater than 200. If it is, just copy the formulas from sets 1-6 under back squats and paste them in sets 1-6 for your first primary upper body press lift. Otherwise, it's just SET 1. 1RM*(.875), SET 2.(MTW-80) SET 3.-60 SET 4.-40 SET 5.-20 SET 6. MTW.

This change will have to be made to every sheet for that lift if your MTW is greater than 200 for Mon and Tuesday's first lift.


Good stuff man. Greatly appreciated.


Nice. One thing to add: the MTW field can be calculate as =.8*{3RM CELL}. For example, for Monday's push press, it would =.8*D2.

Also, once you enter the data for Monday, you can populate all of the cells using that same value like so: =Monday!{CELL Address}. For example, on Tuesday's push press, just use the following formula: =Monday!D2. Not a huge deal but it might save you some time and increase accuracy.


Yeah, although shouldn't it be MTW = 3RM*(.875)? The only reason I left that out was because the "off" numbers bothered me. I didn't like seeing a 274 bench press...So after I calculated the few lifts out by hand, I rounded to the nearest 5 pounds so it looked better...lol.


Thanks a lot for this! Christmas came early this month! I plan on starting this program in January along with the Anaconda Protocol 2 as well.



Generosity and pure self-lessness...must be the holiday season. Muchos Gracias Davinci.v2!


You're right - for the upper body exercises it's .875 and for the lower it's .8.

As for the rounding, Excel doesn't seem to like to round to the nearest 5 - you're forced to either go up to the next 5 or down or down. That means if you choose to go down, 294 will go down to 290. Conversely, going up means 291 will go to 295. But if you don't mind that, then use the CEILING function. Otherwise, just enter by hand as you've been doing. It doesn't take terribly long to enter some of this stuff manually. I'm a computer programmer at heart (but not by profession) and like to have my spreadsheets as automated as possible.


this is great! thanks davinci!


I'm wondering if they would ever start a HP Mass log section like they did for the I,BODYBUILDER program.


You're a Legend!



Okay, I appreciate the effort Davinci went through to make this and all... but are you really all that bad at math? I figured 10 or 20 pound jumps is pretty easy to figure out... Or am I just going crazy?


Are you serious? Do you really think any of us truly have trouble adding and subtracting in numerals of 5, 10, 20 and 40? It's called automation and organization.


Some people prefer the ease of calculations and training tracking in an excel sheet.


I haven't seen the sheets, I have my own log--but you could take care of this with IF statements.


That should round to the nearest five. Clumsy code but works.

Essentially, if you have a 293lb MTW, it will check to see whether your MTW is closer to 290 or 295, then respond appropriately


I asked the same thing in the "Legs" livespill but never got an answer. This would be nice though. I plan to start this up when I'm done with GVT in a month


i'm pretty sure its because in hp mass u actually try to do as much work in the 75-8x % zone as possible. therefore it is not really necessary nor always possible to make significant progress if it comes to weights. If you calculated the weights right, actually the wave progression should be very much achievable from week to week. The progress in terms of rates is then to be examined as the weeks pass by and the max-out-try-day comes along, that is where i/you just have to be stronger no matter what.

just my 2centsworth


After reading more in the LiveSpill, the legs day is no longer correct. According to CT, deadlifts should be ramped up from a feeler set as well, just an fyi to anyone using my template.


Thanks for this. I was just going to do this myself and you saved me a lot of work and answered a few questions. Much appreciated.