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High Performance Mass Assistant Exercises

Hey CT,
Just looking at how to implement the best approach to hit arms using the High Performance Mass program. All I have and will do for the first 3 weeks for assistant work has been daily high rep band pushdowns and every second day high rep band reverse curls aiming for a nice pump far away from failure…

  1. I noticed in your video for High Performance Mass for the biceps you mentioned volume is best for biceps growth along with eccentric less training to extend the amount of volume you can do without serious drawbacks. How could you implement this into the program?

  2. If I’m looking at triceps size as well, is it best to add assistance exercise(s) to each upper body days? If so, How would you implement (sets/reps)?

  3. Would hitting triceps on the 3 upper days and biceps on the 3 lower body days work best? Alternating with high rep band work for triceps and biceps, for example for triceps-
    Monday- Triceps isolation
    Tuesday- High rep pushdowns
    Wednesday- Triceps isolation
    Thursday- High rep pushdowns
    Friday- Triceps isolation
    Saturday- High rep pushdowns

And vice versa for biceps?

  1. In terms of volume for isolated assistant work- in doing this program, where do you stand with volume vs 1 set to failure. I’ve noticed you write more about 1 set to failure for isolated assessory work today but dose volume have a better place doing this program?

  2. Overall, if you had a client who wants to do this program while adding size to their arms (there weak body parts), how would you approach this to maximise their arm size?

Thanks for the help with this,