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High Performance Fat Loss program


One question and one comment :slight_smile:

  1. Would this program be optimal for a summer program from May to August please if the goal is to be lean?

  2. I was wondering if you could have program preview pages for these programs please.


The plan is mostly for people who have problems losing fat even with dieting and “typical” fat loss strategies. I don’t think it will be appropriate for you since you are pretty athletic and likely do not have fat mobilization issues. It will still work don’t get me wrong. But it might bot be a perfect fit

I’ll talk to my staff about it. Not for now though

TY for the response. I will go with the power building program then. :slight_smile:

i have a conjugate bodybuilding program coming up too

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Hi CT.
A program like this sounds like it fits me perfectly. Are there specific performance attributes that the program tries to increase? Like improved squat 1 RM? Increased vertical jump? 40 time? I have ran athlete lean athlete strong before and had great results and really liked that style. Wondering if this was similar. Thank you.

The last phase is pretty similar. The first phase is more of a strength program with fat loss work emphasizing improving fat mobilization. Second phase includes strength work, performance stuff and lower intensity work

Wow tough to choose which program

Hey @Christian_Thibaudeau sorry to bump an old thread, but I just saw this program and had a quick question that I didn’t feel was quite important enough to start a new thread about.

Does this program require any kind of special equipment outside of what you’d find in a typical commercial gym (barbells, dumbells, standard cable/ machines, cardio equipment, etc. etc. ) I didn’t wanna drop $70 on a program that I don’t have half the equipment for lol. The only half way “specialty” equipment we have is a prowler and a trap bar for loaded carries