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High Performance Fat Loss Program for 1A?

Is the HIGH PERFORMANCE FAT LOSS program recommended for type 1A (i think this is my NeuroType) ?

I already own Fat Loss/Body Composition Program and I had great results with it but I really struggled to get through it all.
Specially on the Energy System Capacity days because those workouts were very long.

It is better suited to a 1A than the original fat loss program. Btu truthfully no “fat loss” program will ever be perfectly suited to 1A because they just can’t o volume and the amount of energy systems work/cardio in most of these programs will make a 1A brain dead. Type 1A more than every other type should simply train for strength and size and let diet take care of fat loss. They can add some loaded carries, prowler sprints or sprints, but to a high volume.

I can relate to that “brain dead” situation.
I only did fat loss/body composition once because i had to convince myself to go to the gym to complete the program.
I’ll save my money for when you release a type 1A program.
Thanks for answering CT.