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High Performance Fat Loss Program, a Few Last Questions

A few last questions before beginning the high performance fat loss program.

1.) any type of substitute for ergo rower?

  1. Given that I at times work up to 70 hours a week, If I am only able to perform one session a day on the secondary cardio abdominal days, would it be potentially better to perform the cardio/abb work… or the fasted cardio?

  2. Is the fasted cardio the initial stimulus to promote the use of burning fat/ glycogen and then the cardio after the mainworkout is basically additional calorie burning? Just trying to wrap my thoughts on how this program works from a more in depth look.

  3. If I am currently utilizing loaded carries/prowlers in my workout for conditioning, or any other type of conditioning. Should I stop performing that conditioning for a week or so, would stopping the cardio prior to this program resensitize me to process of now using fat vs. glycogen when I start this program? Im not sure if that’s necessarily possible or if your body goes through desensitizing period for cardio/conditioning like muscle growth does. I don’t know enough about “programming your body to use fat vs. glycogen” to make a good thought process on this. Any guidance on to stop conditioning or not before starting this program would be great.

  4. Is the decrease in rest times throughout the weeks part of the “reprograming fat for fuel” or is it simply for other lifting intensity purposes or for moving to other energy systems?

  5. Afterwards, Following this program do you think a valid option would be to run a deload week and then something like Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong?

Thanks for any guidance on these questions, I realize they are somewhat lengthy.
Please don’t take any of the questions as an attack on your program method, I am merely trying to understand the concepts more as I am a very curious individual. Knowledge is power.

Thanks again!!!