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High Oestradiol Levels

Thinking symptoms due to high E2 levels, low drive, hard to budge that spare tyre with low carb, weights and cardio and just general aches etc, just not quite running on all cylinders if you know what I mean.

Been a gym rat for years but been more proactive in the gym the last few months, anyway at 39 y/o starting to feel old (dont like it,who does i suppose). My last blood test showed my total test was quite good but my free test was low and my E2 was within normal range but i think it might be too high to be helping me feel any good.

Im in australia so lab numbers a very different to what many post on here, can someone help me out here and tell me if my numbers do require some estrogen management like dim etc.

test 21 nmol/L (10-33)
free test 49 pmol/L (60-130)
Oestradiol(i believe is E2) 109 pmol/L (40-250)

This test is almost 12 months old and my symptoms have increased some. Previous tests I have had always seem to show a low free testosterone level, never had E2 done before this test.

On another Australian site i did read that optimal oestradiol levels should be <60, this puts my levels in high range, but cant seem to find any other reference rangers other then from the USA and they are in a different format.

I know I’m in need of another blood test to check my current levels, but if they are inline with above, more testosterone doesnt seem like it would be the answer as its at a good level rather stopping aromatase would increase my free test levels and hopefully feel better.

So Im trying to lose the spare tyre, have added zinc and have ordered some dim. Does all this sound reasonable to start with. I do have a good doc, so may have other options down the track, but starting natural and work my way up .

Any other advice is appreciated.

Looks like SHBG must be high from the E2 levels, pushing fT below range.

You need to check serum glucose levels, PSA, CRP and homocysteine to see if you have insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease processes. All of which is also known as metabolic disorder or syndrome-X.

But what is the root cause? Blows to the head, changes in peripheral vision, drug interactions. Some Rx and OTC drugs can cause such problems. Try to resolve the cause and not just slap TRT on top of the situation. Do more tests. You may need to address other problems, the causes and may also need TRT as well.

With low fT, or bio-T, it does not take much E to create estrogen dominance effects.

Hypo or sub-clinical thyroid problems can lower T and make you feel cold at times, and fat.

TT is mostly SHBG bound T. SHBG-T is tightly bound and not bio-available. In your case, you need medical help based on your fT number. Some docs never bother to test TT numbers.

High prolactin levels can cause problems of this type.

You can list Rx or OTC drugs here or PM those to me. Doctors are into disease management, not health care. You will probably need to take charge of your own health care.

thanks for the reply mate, will pm you something soon if thats ok, might be a bit of an essay, lol. Went through a case of reactive ebv/glandular fever(positive ebv test with chronic lymphocytosis which responded to valtrex) with insomnia and fatigue symptoms a few years ago(8). medications I have taken for this probably havent helped.

Have only recently as in the last 12-18 months have overcome this but am permanently on antivirals to keep ebv at bay. Have managed to keep training throughout this time when going the periods of some increases in energy with extremely abbreviated training(overhead squats) and low reps so as not to tired myself out. Was frustrating and was not able to train with enough volume or intensity to help with keeping my weight down, but now Im back to 90%plus range and ready to get back in shape.

Thanks again, cheers!

funny we are both in aus but my result slook different to yours?

you would htink that labs would keep it generic…

since starting this thread I have been taking 100mg of zinc per day in divided doses and have been using dim for the last 4 days, might be a placebo but my boob interest is returning, lol and my last bedroom workout was my best 1 rep max in awhile lol, dont want to paint to bright of a pic. Its only early so hopefully if things keep going with my training and a clean diet, these luv handles will start shrinking. In 3 weeks time i will ask my doc for a full hormone test and see if these supps are lowering my estrogen and increasing free test. Its only 1 week but would i be starting to notice a difference already?? Still thinking of adding nettle root as I have heard it can increase free test levels, as well as add calcium d-glucarate which is suppose to work in a similar way to dim in helping us metabolize estrogen better, but will keep this up my sleeve for another month until i have a blood test anyway.