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High Octane Cardio

Just wanted to say how great HOC is. I nearly fell over in sweat and discomfort, and I loved it. Thanx Mike Mahler for the kick in the ass I needed.

Glad that you liked it and please keep me updated with your progress. I have some other HOC routines that work very well that I will put togther into another article in the near future.

I tried it as well. It worked great. I did it on tuesday for my running day instead of RT. Just for a change. I really enjoyed it. One question for you Mr. Mahler, is there a distance, time, or effort zone in which the running portion needs to be done at? The shadow boxing, heavy bag work is common sense. Jump rope is as well. But the running? I ran 400 meters in about 90sec. then proceeded with swings, snatches, sit-ups, etc…

Glad that you liked HOC and regarding the running program, sure work on gettin the times down gradually or doing more reps with the weights. Of course, you can increase both over time as well. In the beginning, I would work on just doing it 2 times a week for several weeks to make it a habit. No need to burn out on HOC which is very intense.

Mike, is it normal to see progress in every single session of HOC? Maybe I wasnt pushing myself hard enough last week or I just had a kick ass song on this HOC session. Mike, I am really going for muscularity and low bodyfat levels. Will doing HOC twice a week be a good idea without compromising muscle mass? I am taking Meth-7 and Power Drive with a cutting version of Massive Eating. Your thoughts please

You can make progress with HOC for quite a while since there are a few things that can bee measured. Twice a week should work well and you will not lose any size. Just ease into it and don’t kill yourself at each seession :wink:

Not a chance Mike, I go full tilt with no brake pedal. Thanx for the help

I know what you mean. Good luck and keep us posted with your progress.