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High Octane Cardio / 5x5 ?

I’m involved in a combat sport (wrestling) and love the stuff in the HOC article. At the end of the article it was suggested that an athlete could hit some HOC 3 or 4 times a week and hit the weights twice a week and still maintain LBM and strength, my question is what type of split would be good for maintence with a 2 day split?

This is a 2-day split that Ian King came up with for those of use on busy schedules. I’ve never tried it, but plan to use it someday:

Hope this helps.

M- Upper Body

A1) Incline Bench Press
A2) Supine Grip Pull-ups

B) Dips

F- Lower Body

A1) Deadlifts
A2) Weight Decline Situps

B) Narrow Stance Squats to parallel

Casually alternate between the A exercises and rest a full 3 minutes between sets of the B exercise of each workout.

Charlie Glad that you like the article. You might want to do Rest Pause training(see my article at t-mag) twice a week and HOC three times a week since you are a combat athlete. The Rest pause will build up your strength without exhausting you and the HOC will take care of your cardio. Then you can spend the rest of your time working on fighting, techniques etc. Email me at mahler25@yahoo.com if you want to discuss further.