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High/Low Split for Bench


I have been thinking about using a high/low split for training the bench press for a few weeks, just to see how it works. Now I'm just looking for ideas on how to implement it. I have read some MM stuff for ideas but I know that they are training to get the max out of their shirt, where I am just trying to a little stronger while keeping my shoulder in working condition. With all that here is what I have been thinking. Let me know what you guys think about it.

Low End Day
1. Full/Moslty Full Range Bench Varation (for 1-5RM) (exs: Floor Press, Chain Bench, Incline, Decline, 1 Board Paused, Bench)
2. DB Press varation - depending on I feel after the M/E work
3. Lat Work
4. Rear Delt
5. External Rotaters

High End Day
1. Board Work for 4-5 sets by 3-5 reps) (either use a 4,5,6 board press and for varation use close grip, pauses, or accomadating resistance)
2. High Rep Ticep Exercise (extensions or JM press)
3. Lats
4. Rear Delt
5. External Rotaters

I was also thinking of alternating the M/E day with D/E every other week to keep speed up. Example: Wk 1 - Floor Press to 3RM, Wk 2 - Speed Bench, Wk 3 - Floor Press to 1RM, Wk 4 - Speed Bench.

What do you guys think of this?



I thought you were referring to the high-low split utilized by james smith and charlie francis amongst others


Looks pretty good though. Have you read jim wendlers article at elitefts it's called how to bench like a stripper or something like that. he covers the differences in training for a shirted max and a raw max. at least some of the ideas could be incorporatedinto your program