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High/Low Sequencing

Hi everyone,

For the past month or so, I have experimenting with split training system.(CHEST/TRICEPS and etc.)

I felt though that it wasn’t for me. So recently, I have been reading about High/Low sequencing, (I own the book by James Smith)and from other sources.

concurrently develop strength, size, and speed.

Well I found that there are many different ways to utilize high/low, whether you use upper/lower or total body split. Within those categories, there are 100 different ways to approach it.

One way I figure I would approach it, is to label high/low to movement patterns, much like what CT suggested in his forum.

The problem with this approach is that, with full body splits, it is a little bit difficult to fit in assistance/supplementary lifts.

So right now, I would like to start a fullbody approach that utilizes both high/low and me/se/de/re methods.

Any help would be appreciated.

Heavy BP
Heavy Chin
Heavy SQ
Light Military
Light Row
Light DL

Rotate “heavy and light”

Here is an example week that I think illustrates how you could make it work.

ME Squat
RE DB Bench
RE Chins

DE Med Ball Throws
ME Incline Press
RE Lunges

DE Cleans
SE Bench Press
SE Rows
SE Snatch Grip Deadlift

Hope that helps,