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high liver enzymes

I’ve been getting progressively higher liver enzymes from blood test results done every month. I don’t have any type of hepatitis, i don’t drink, and i have not done any AAS or prohormones for a couple of months. I decided to take a break from the gym for 16 days including not having any protein shakes or supplements including vitamins and minerals. The results came back even higher then before. I was already in the 110 range but the doctor did not tell me the specific number over the phone. I had done an ultrasound of all internal organs in the abdomen and everything was good, no enlargements. I’m thinking about doing a liver flush to unclog the liver. Anyone else have suggestions other then taking milkthystle and other supplemts which i was doing already before my 16 day break? laters pk

if you dont wait atleast 2 days after training that can inrease enzyme readings…Also check out Milk Thistle. 300-600mg a day, that seems to work for a lot of people. Vitamin shoppe has a 175mg 70% off. That is the kind any one that ive seen blood work done with has used

thanks for the reply funkmaster but i waited 16 days and i was previously taking milk thistle. you have any other ideas? laters pk

Call the Poliquin performance center they have a Liver detox supplement that works extrmely well. I’ll bet it is very pricy though.


“I don’t have any type of hepatitis”

I’m assuming that this means you have been tested for hepatitis C.

You need to seek competent medical advise and find out what is going on. Is the doctor you are seeing a liver specialist i.e. gastroenterologist? If so, and he/she can not explain why they are elevated get a second opinion. You might try a university hospital if you need a second opinion.

It can also be a food allergy. Allergic reactions to certain foods cause elevated liver enzymes. It happens in animals as well. My cat got it. Now he is on this expensive low allergin food, and now his liver enzymes are back to normal.

Hey, there, pk!

Please listen to ScottL. He’s dead on with his advice, and he knows what he’s talking about. You need to figure out what the underlying problem is.

Re liver-supportive supps, don’t just go with milk thistle. Go with a standardized silymarin or silybinin. Silybinin is the more potent of the phytonutrients in milk thistle.

Additionally, start taking r-ALA, 100mg every meal.

Good luck to you!!! And get into a doc that knows what he’s doing. Abnormal liver function is not something to ignore.

I am definitely going to ask the doctor to send me to the liver specialist. I will do a cleansing program and a liver flush and then get another blood test. this will take me 2 weeks to complete. As far as diet goes, it has been the same for recent years. i do drink a lot of protein shakes, either whey isolate from Nytrowhey mixed with grow or pure casein, and i always have a surge with 200mg ALA and 5g creatine when i workout. I definitely don’t consume enough good fats like fish oil or flaxseed, reason being my intolerance to liquid fats in my intestines, diarehha. laters pk

the SILYMARIN, 80% extract i was using was from beyond a century. i was also using their inositol, tmg, alc, l-carnitine, r-ala, l-methionine, and PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE. i was taking all these supps while i was working out and not on my break so maybe that’s why my liver enzymes were low and then rebounded higher after i came off of them. laters pk

I had high liver levels as a result of a medication i take. THey were in the mid 80s, so high but prob. not as high as yours.

Now they’re normal, in the 40s.

What did i do? I started juicing. Bought a juicer, and had 1-2 fresh juices a day.

Also upped my fruit intake and vegetable intake though that is harder than I thought. THey are so f’n inconvenient when fresh and I hate frozen veggies.

If you can afford a juicer (decent ones run from 100 for a Juiceman to 250 for the best: CHampion) go for it.

yeah my family has a juicer. we never use it though. interesting thing to note is that for the liver flushes they recommend fresh lemon juice or grapefruit juice and virgin olive oil. and you drink fresh apple juice beofre you do it. laters pk

“yeah my family has a juicer. we never use it though.”

-You should, give it a shot

" interesting thing to note is that for the liver flushes they recommend fresh lemon juice or grapefruit juice and virgin olive oil. and you drink fresh apple juice beofre you do it"

-I have the Wolfma…I mean Juiceman model. For liver he recommends 2-3 apples and 1/2 a beet OR 4 carrots, 1/2 beet , 1/2 cucumber.

I’m sure you can find more recipes online. But as long as your drink juice, increase F&V and maybe tweak your diet, you’ll probably see the results you want.

RE, Olive oil, lemon juice, etc you prob get a lot of that already since your family is Greek-am I right?

I’m Italian and I think I may have olive oil and vinegar in my blood…

yes i’m greek and i do like the taste of olive oil and vinegar. i will definitely take your advice on the juicer. thanks pk

Liv-52 is supposed to be a very potent liver protector and regenerator according to William Llewellyn’s Anabolics 2004. (Yes, there are actually studies supporting it.) The company that makes it is Himalaya.