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High liver enzymes, supplements or suggestions to help?

Just got my lab work back from my yearly physical and my liver enzymes were high due to the administration of Zocor for high cholesterol. I’m off the drug now, and will control the cholesterol with diet and exercise. My question is for those of you who may have had similar problems with liver enzymes- are there any supplements or suggestions that you can give me to help support healthy liver function? Any information that you could provide would be appreciated.

Milk Thistle (contain Sylmarin). Works like a charm, but I wouldn’t stay on it any longer than you have to. I just read in MD that it can inhibit protein synthesis, but it should be fine in the short term.

Firstly do an internet search for ‘polyenylphosphatidylcholine’, there’s research showing it was quite effective at restoring liver function in people with liver damage. The Life Extension Foundation sell a supplement called ‘gastropro’ containing PPC.
Milk thistle and dandelion root are herbs that are purported to help liver function.
Choline,methionine,inositol are amino acids that are also supposed to be good for the liver.

Thorne Research makes a product called T.A.P.S. that is excellent for liver support. www.thorne.com

Did you know that intense working out and high protein diets can increase liver enzymes? If they are only slightly up because of this, it is apparently not a big concern.