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High Liver Enzymes Due to Low Estrogen?


Has anybody here had high liver enzymes as a result of low estrogen? I’ve been reading about this today a lot, because I just had my first high test in 5 years, and I’m thinking I may have dropped my estrogen level too low recently in combination with 2 weeks of Spring Break partying in Mexico… Thoughts?

blood glucose, random

102 mg/dL 	65-99 	completed 	H 	04/09/2016

bilirubin, serum, total

1.1 mg/dL 	0.0-1.2 	completed 	Not applicable 	04/09/2016

aspartate aminotransferase (SGOT), serum

49 U/L 	0-40 	completed 	H 	04/09/2016

alkaline phosphatase, serum (AST)

57 U/L 	39-117 	completed 	Not applicable 	04/09/2016

albumin/globulin ratio, serum

2.3 	1.1-2.5 	completed 	Not applicable 	04/09/2016

albumin, serum

5.0 g/dL 	3.5-5.5 	completed 	Not applicable 	04/09/2016

alanine aminotransferase (SGPT), serum (ALT)

113 U/L 	0-44 	completed 	H 	04/09/2016


I’m listening. How are you doing? Your me! Exactly!


AST/ALT can easily be quite high from sore muscles. Labs need to avoid this and one should have fully recovered muscles.

I have been reviewing labs for years and never seen a hint of a pattern of low E2 elevating AST/ALT.

With livers conditions or diseases, we can expect higher levels of SHBG in some cases. Not enough of these to firm that up. Some liver issues, or interference of some Rx and OTC medications, can lead to higher E2 as E2 clearance is impaired.


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Okay let me read all the instructions and I will do that .


Optimist – My liver #'s dropped back into normal range again a month later, and the only theory we had that made sense was that this was the result of me using a new supplement (highly concentrated Valerian root for sleep) that I’d never used before. I think it literally poisoned me, because once I stopped using it – everything went back to normal. It was either that, or all the drinking on Spring Break in Cabo?