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High Lignan Flax or Udo's Choice

Which is a better choice? The flax or Udo’s choice for an EFA supplement? Both have some omega-6s which I remember are supposed to be avoided according to the last printed issue in the article the fat roundtable. But it seems that everyone takes flax. Any reason why? Is there something added to Udo’s choice that us body builders should avoid? What about adding some salmon oil as well? what do you guys think?

Actually, a ‘balanced’ oil blend will contain Omega-6 fatty acids. You can become deficient in these, as well as the Omega-3’s. So you don’t want to totally avoid Omega-6’s via supplements/food. In our industrial society, we eat way too much Omega-6’s already, so I think that’s why they tell you to avoid them, and just take flax. Flax is very high in Omega-3’s, and low in Omega-6. So if you eat a wide variety of food, I think it’s safe to say that flax oil is a more economical choice. Udo’s is overpriced IMO…you can get the same benefits by taking flax oil, and then taking a little sunflower oil too.