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High Libido Only With HCG

So I’ve finally figured out how to restore my libido and full erections/orgasms, I had no strong erections/libido after trying Proviron, high test, low test, medium test protocols and even Masteron/other anabolics. The ONLY thing that managed to restore my libido was HCG. The only problem with HCG is it’s high aromatization and I don’t want to have to use an AI.
I’m going to start using 50mg twice a week with HCG EOD 300IU.
I don’t understand why that is though if anyone has any idea I’d greatly appreciate it!
Also, does anyone have any idea if I’ll lose any muscle (my levels at 40mg EOD is 920 ng/dl for reference). Dropping my dose from 175mg (50mg EOD) (No hcg) to 50mg twice a week with HCG. Thank you!!

Your E2 is too low without it. Masteron will lower your E2.

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Not the case, I’ve used testosterone by itself (no AI) and ran cycles (500mg) with no libido/inconsistent and weak erections. HCG works VERY well for a couple days and then I get bloated and puffy nipples, basically high E2 then it gets weaker (but still better off than without). Also, it’s wierd but without HCG my dick feels “colder”.

There are a select few who only find libido when HCG is added to TRT, Nelson Vergel went for years on TRT in isolation and lost libido after many years, tried HCG when younger and didn’t do well on it, then revisited HCG later in life and libido came back online when HCG was added to his TRT protocol.

Something obviously changed as Nelson aged. TRT suppresses LH which can affect other downstream hormones, this LH deprivation over time will see other hormone decline, most don’t notice it right away and others will as they age.

You may need to inject daily or EOD HCG doses to control estrogen.

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Intresting, makes sense! Willing to inject daily, how much should i inject daily/eod?
Also will supplementing pregnenolone be the fix for this?

This is a game of experimentation to see what works best for you, no one will know how other will respond. I wouldn’t just go supplement pregnenolone, I would check it first. I tried pregnenolone without testing and regretted it. I had racing heart rate for almost a day.

TRT can deplete magnesium, iron and many others. I started TRT with an iron deficiency and it has broken me.

IT could also be that HCG produces natural test, and that exogynous is not crossing the blood brain barrier very well for you. There’s a study in rats showing that in them the exogynous did not cross into the brain.

It would make sense if I wasn’t reacting to it in a crazy way in terms of muscle growth and hardening. But I’m growing on it very well.

Didn’t know that. Should probably check my iron and magnesium since those were not great when I started a year ago.

I am on hcg monotherapy, 250Eod as suggested here, I had libido back after one week (not stable though I went to crazy high and low to medium ) but still Ed issues

Serum magnesium can be normal, RBC magnesium could be depleted, so test RBC magnesium if you want to test magnesium.

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