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High LH and Normal FSH After Cycle

3 month ago i done steroid cycle(test E 500mg per week)
i done my pct (only tamoxifen)
After 10 week ive done blood work and result :
my level test and free test is great
shgb is good too
Fsh is in normal range
only my lh not coming down?!after 3 months!!
normal range is 4–8.5 but my lh is 11.5
my bloodwork is very good without any problem and i want start another cycle
what can i do right now?
please help :Xxx

looking for some reply🙄

LH is pulsatile and varies quickly. I wouldn’t worry about it.

thnx man Can you please explain me why is it still high?any reason behind that?
doc say i have sperm problem​:gorilla::joy: