High level of Free T.

So, month #4 of TRT underway. Started at TT: 247. Never tested for FT.

Recent blood work reports:

TT: 994 (348-1197)
FT (direct): 45.1 (6.8-21.5) HIGH

Doing the googles, I seem to get a mixed bag of thoughts regarding the FT. Some like it, some don’t.

Any thoughts before I go pound on my AA doc to see what he thinks?

Thanks as always.

How are feeling? What are you symptoms?

Why is it so high?? Low shbg?

Some feel differently but personally I wouldn’t want low shbg…

When was your lab work taken in relation to your last shot.

What is E2?

E2 was 25.

I am feeling good. Libido somewhat diminished. Raging boners at night.

Your case is spread out, found this:

200ml Test Cyp per week (divided into 2 pins)
1mg Anastrozole 2x week
500iu Hcg 2x week

Suggest that you reduce dose to get to a target FT that makes sense to you and feels right. Your TT looks sane, but is misleading. Your SHBG must be lower. As much/most of TT is T+SHBG that is not bio-available, it really is not a good measure of your T status in your case.

FT levels can be age adjusted, I am concerned that the lab ranges are misleading.


I found your initial advice to me very saavy.

I am going to reduce to 100mg (2 pins @ 50), 250 x 2 of HCG, and 1mg Anastrozole divided into 2 doses.

Going to titrate to work on my FT.

When I came out of the gate, about week 3-4 I really found a sweet spot, then I think I blew through it.

I’m also going to try to wean off of anastrozole. However, FT first.

Thanks again for your help.

Much appreciated.

My free T runs on the high side too, generally just a point or two though. (High side meaning above “range”).