High Leg Reps

I happened upon this snippet from Arthur Jones on high reps for legs. I know the Mentzer’s, especially Ray, experimented with high reps. Did you and/or Arthur ever test out his hypothesis?

In his book Building the Classic Physique, Steve Reeves talks about doing 100 rep squats while stationed overseas during WWII.

As old injuries reared their ugly head, I implemented 100 rep sets of the squat. I find it easier on the joints and notice my hill climbing ability during hikes improved.

My experience is that the weight will be significantly reduced.

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Interesting, thanks. Highest I ever went was 20x1 squats…consisting of 20 sets of a single rep with a Radar chest pull between. That equated to 10-15 minutes of squats! Two weeks of that, as well as I gained, and my knees balked.

I never saw Jones use more than 50 reps on the hips and thighs. The several guys he pushed through 50 reps were indeed under a lot of pain.

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Thanks Ell. I thought I’d never heard of either of you going that high.