High LDL Cholesterol, BUN, Liver Bloodwork. Help?

Hello all,

I recently got my lipids checked. Total Cholesterol was 560, LDL was 350. BUN and Liver Enzymes were elevated as well.

I’ve been eating a lot of eggs and meat, and doing a keto diet. In addition I add a lot of salt to my food.

What gives? I thought eggs didn’t raise LDL cholesterol? Could it be the lack of carbs, high salt, or maybe eggs do raise cholesterol?

Another thing that stuck out, my t4 was on the low side at 0.9.

Could anyone point to any causes of all this? I’ll elaborate more if needed

My Initial Plan:

  1. I’m readding carbs into my diet, best way to do that? I’ve heard of “slowly reintroducing carbs” from a keto diet mentioned on here

  2. dropping eggs for a while.

  3. Gonna start taking fish oil, any other supplements that could help my bloodwork?

Those are crazy-high numbers. Was it a one-off fluke or have you had high readings before? Was it a fasted test?

There’s a big genetic component to cholesterol, and a high fat/high dietary cholesterol intake can make it worse. So if high numbers run in your family, I’d peel back on how much you’re eating.

I haven’t heard of a lack of carbs directly connected to cholesterol levels, other than low carb diets necessarily being higher fat. So, in a roundabout way yeah.

Prioritize workout nutrition, right before/during/right after training. Then add them to meals earlier in the day (breakfast, second breakfast, whatever).

Definitely yes on the fish oil. Also consider niacin - this explains why, and curcumin - this explains why.

Consistent conditioning work can also help. Stupid boring heart-health stuff.

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Regarding cholesterol and interesting read and more on the same site. Take your time to go through it and you might find some answers.

Holy smokes. I was just kidding (a little gallows humor) in that last thread because I’d had a stemi a couple months ago, but this looks unreal.

Are you currently in the care of a cardiologist or other MD.? I mean, you didn’t just up and get these tests for no apparent reason, did you?

I have had high readings before, I’ll try and dig up the numbers. My mom or dad don’t have any cholesterol issues, but they’re getting retested

ditto on the carbs, right now Im gonna start off at around an additional 60g post workout only (dinner).

will check on the niacin. Curcumin is the stuff they put in turmeric, right?

yes im going to visit a cardiologist

also about the conditioning, Im super on top of my LISS. I do a PLENTY of LISS a day, maybe thats why Im not dead yet.

Are you currently in the care of a cardiologist?

Yes or No.

To add context, I was eating 500g Eggs a day, which is a lot of cholesterol in and of itself

No, I just did this test

OK. Then these would be things to discuss when you do see one.

Advice of trained practicing cardiologists trumps dudes on the internet.


Did you read the link I provided?

yes, certainly interesting