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High Kicks



poor form, he is kicking to high. You can tell because he stands on the ball of his foot on the foot on the ground.


Wow at the kicks.

And LOL at the guy who has no idea who he's critiquing or how devastating those "poor form" kicks are.


Poor form on which video?

High kicks in Muay Thai are done from the ball of the supporting foot. Teeps, or front kicks, require a flat foot. Once I started to really put his into use in sparring, my head kicks landed with much more consistancy and with more authority.


LOL.... yeh right, he should be turning on his heels huh?

That's Alain and trust me the guy can kick like a mule at all heights.

Check the short work he makes of this chap


That makes my groin hurt watching it...uh, that sounded really bad, but hopefully you all get what I'm trying to say.

Dude has some serious flexibility, and good power to boot.


Either you're being sarcastic, trolling, or a complete moron.


No highkick thread should exist without The Lumberjacks highlight reel.


that was awesome.


I have got to do Muay Thai. And tan more. And put on 30lbs of muscle. And get a hat.


The only high kick you could throw without being on the ball of your foot: Brazilian kick. Like Feitosa. Even then you still might come up on the ball of your foot depending on your position.




Last need/want will make you a machine!


Aerts doesn't have abs, so he's obviously not training hard enough... those high kicks would be better if he actually did some squats, i mean look at those calves he obviously doesn't train.


Once this tall dude was standing next to me in the gym. He was working his neck. I looked at him, he looked at me. He looked away. Haha! It was Peter Aerts. I think I can take him.....


Bro, imagine if that guy could squat 2.5 times bodyweight. He'd be unstoppable.

I saw an Anderson Silva training vid. He was working out with 135 pounds for the squat. We gotta get him on a program. Then he'll be beastly!

Man, I'll be the first to say that being strong and having low bodyfat is a good thing; but when people act like that's the center of the universe rather than a speck of dust in the universe, I just gotta shake my head...

Karo never had conditioning problems, and the guy rarely if ever rocked a set of abs.


hell Karo smokes, lol


@hunterkiller you're joking, right?
Keep in mind kicking against a bag doesn't necessarily represent your actual technique.
Crocop for example decapitates his victims differently then with the hick he utilzes in the vid.




So did Saku.