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High Jump

Question: Got 6’2 last weekend, could’ve got 6’4, want 6’6 this weekend, i coach myself… any tips? 6’10 will win state for sure, and it’s possible i’m 6’3 with a 32" vert… you think i could get it? don’t know hope to hear from someone, i’m out

What does your current routine look like? What are your strength levels on squats, deadlifts, bulgarian squats, step ups, lunges, etc? Are you cycling in plyometrics?

Do you want technique tips or training tips?

If you have a video, that would be very helpful in analyzing technique.

As far as training, get your hamstrings as strong as you can, especially eccentrically and isometrically. GHR’s and natural GHR’s are good for this. Quads play less of a role, since there is less knee bend in the high jump, and they are seldom the limiting factor anyway, since most people have strong quads.