High Jump Training Help

hey i need help with high jump.this track season i wasn’t even able to compete because my my high jump height was too low. it was my first year ever in a school sport. im a junior in high school.i really want to compete next track season and not only do i want to compete i want to make varsity. the main event i really want to focus on is high jump.

since season is over i don’t have access to a high jump mat so what should i do. also what kind of lifts should i do to start preparing myself for next year. i really need to increase my strength and power. what kind of lowerbody lifts should i do and what kind of upperbody lifts should i do.im really weak and i just started lifting more often than before.
i already have a sprint routine i do i just have no idea how to really train for high jump since i don’t have a high jump mat and that i was terrible at it.

my pb in high jump was 5ft. varsity jumps atleast 6ft. this track season i tried many events but i decided to stick with high jump since my school doesn’t have that many high jumpers and it felt easier for me to do then the other events.

This season i was just terrible. next season needs to be better.

Why do you want to focus on high jump when you aren’t any good at it???

I suggest choosing an event that you are good/better at, and focus on that event.

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What is your vertical Jump?

Do you have someone to teach you how to jump?

There are track clinics and camps in the summer?

Do you have somewhere you can practice all year?