High Iron Caused by Cycle, Post Cycle or HGH?

Ive recently had some blood work and it showed my Iron levels to be very high, Close to the concerning level

I finished my Cycle 1.5 months ago (T400/EQ) My Test levels are back to normal now which is the primary reason i went for blood work, Ive been on HGH (Canadian Stuff) Since May10th.

My Question is does the Test/EQ cycle Cause an Influx in iron retention? Or is this something the HGH causes?

I cant figure out what i eat that contains alot of iron, My Supplements… I do eat alot of Steak and Ribs, But nothing crazy

Has anyone had this issue? If so Do i just refrain from eating Red Meat? Im Training Strongman and im trying to increase my body weight and Red meat is fucking delicious. Currently sitting at 215 ( Went from 200 to 215 in a few months, but seem to be stalled at 215 for the last two months )

Iron is either absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract or eliminated in stool, sweat, and skin. But it’s not the same as other things that are eliminated when there’s excess. At a certain point, either from genetic conditions, total oversupply, or malabsorption, you get iron overload.

So the first question is what has changed about your diet while you were on cycle and now vs before? Do you have any GI issues that may have an impact on absorption?

Finding the cause would be nice to know.
But for a quick fix right now can you not just donate some blood?

The last time I crashed my ferritin I was put on a heavy amount of blood boosting supplements and it sent my Iron over the top. One pint of whole blood took it right down. I would rather have low ferritin than high Iron. I also eat a lot of steak each week.


There hasent been anything that ive changed in my diet other then having about 3 McDonald’s BLT Bagles per week, Found out today that they contain alot of Iron, I was also eating alot of Cereals over the last few months. I just love the effects of the Test Cycle and dont want to have this issue prevent the next cycle, If it does thats ok, I’ll leave… but yeah

My Hemo levels are normal and my Kerratin levels were fine aswell, Just HIGH iron

I guess in the recent months ive been taking " Mutant Multi Vitamins " everyday, Ive heard that some Multi Vitimins cause excessive Iron Absorption

My iron is down on TRT doses. Check what’s in the vitamins.

Yeah these Vitamins have a shit ton of VitC and other stuff that helps retain Iron, And the fact i eat 2 bowls of cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast and two before bed is putting me way over the iron daily

OMG, cinnamon toast crunch really?

LOL don’t judge me!

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That is A LOT refined carbs my friend. You’re not doing yourself any favors

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I supplement 1000mg Vit C with 1.5 bowls cinnamon toast crunch. Two bowls pushes my cinnamon past the high normal range. Very important to keeps that cinnamon in range. People in the trt section are doing smaller more frequent bowls.


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