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High Intensity Training???

well, just when i thought i’ve seen it all…

this is a new exercise facility located here in toronto, catering to the business people who can’t seem to find time to train- really train.

check it out…


i actually saw them demo this on the way to work and it looks ridiculous.

what has the working world come to?

They are giving H.I.T. a bad name!

That’s not how it was meant to be done. If you want the real deal, you have to read Dr. Darden’s books and articles!

You know, they are going to be screwed if someone comes up with a machine that can get you fit in only 3 minutes.

Something gives me the idea that they’ve confused HIT with HIIT. They use Dr. Tabata’s ROM machine and claim it’s based on HIT, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Once again this is proof that if your ever looking to start a business - cater to lazy people. Wish I bought some NutriSystem stock a few months ago…