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High Intensity Training

Wondering what are your thoughts on high intensity type of training for hypertrophy, similar to what Yates and Mentzer used.
Few warm ups and then a heavy set til failure, low frequency low volume.
Did you have good results? Or do you prefer high volume moderate weight training?

As always progressive overload in an appropriate caloric surplus will lead to gains. Slap whatever name you want on it the underlying principles are still the same.

Low frequency low volume leaves little wiggle room to progress. Where with other approaches these variables can be manipulated to achieve a training effect/stimulus with what you suggest pretty you pretty try to add weight/reps as often as possible. The latter approach is less sustainable, slower/harder to progress and likelier to injure you.

Would not recommend/10

Generally HIT templates best tried as stand alone programs for like 6-10 weeks at a time, once or twice a year. ie not good idea as year round approach for most people but can be of value as a change of pace.

Doggcrap generally gets the best feedback. Personally got great results on Mentzers Heavy duty II for about 8 weeks (then hit a massive plateau)