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High Intensity Training (The Mike Mentzer Way)


I have been lifting for about 4 years and was recently brought a book by Mike Mentzer which turned out to be a very good read. I was wondering what peoples views on HIT are and if they think it works. I am looking for a change and would be keen to give it a go.

Does anyone have any good programs they could list along with their training split.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

(I am moving to Canada in 8 weeks and want to look my best so want something that produces good results)



I’m sure the search engine will turn up a lot of threads dealing with HIT or with Mentzer.

I’m sorry for having nothing more to say about it than that, but that’s the best answer.

While I won’t tout the amazing progress you’ll make with HIT, I will say that I made my best gains on an abreviated routine when I was in grad school and had very little time to waste in the gym.


I was going too post a thread about this a while ago as I finally got around too reading my copy, I like some of the ideas that he puts forward in his book but other parts of it seem a little off. One of the big selling points of the book is the world class physique spending `12 minutes a week in the gym…my ass…

I do like the ideas about pre-fatigue and have incorporated it into my shoulders, chest and back days…

I have never tried it but have always been very intereseted in it if you give it a go please let me know how you do.

HIT… I made good initial gains on it, but Mentzer’s version of HIT calls for more time off as one gets stronger. This left me badly deconditioned and injured after 3 months. Gained 7-8 lbs in lean mass.

Like Stu said, an abbreviated routine can work wonders… if applied properly.

I may try a HIT-style cycle again in the future. But this time it’ll be a more sensible version.

Good luck with Mentzer’s routine. If you hit a wall, try this more practical approach. Thib really nails the reasons most HIT programs fail, and explains how to apply HIT properly:

On a side note… I carry out a high intense workout, but near the beginning, at times, i receive a sharp but spread out pain in the back and sides of my head. This usually only happens on bench during the 2nd or 3rd set. I can feel it a little at first, and if I continue, it becomes excruciating and it feels internal. The pain is not in my neck whatsoever. Once I am done with that set though, going to my cool down set, it goes away and I dont feel a thing for the rest of my workout.

Anyone have any ideas?