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High Intensity/Max Pump Shredding Programs?


from time to time I follow a program just for something different to trial and error types of training. Im about to start shredding and will be on cycle aswell.

has anyone come across a good shredding program?
one that pushed you to your limits?
if you put in 100% gave them pumps that literally left you in pain?

feel free to share :slightly_smiling:

ive tried jim stoppanis shortcut to shred it basically runs 4 week cycles 12-15 reps 10-12 reps 6-8 reps repeat, I found it just wasn't enough.


A 21-year old who just designed his fourth steroid cycle without having a plan for training? Okay, this'll end well.

What's your current height, weight, and general fat level? What's your specific current goal - when will you know to stop "shredding"? And for perspective, what are you best numbers on the big basic lifts (squat, dead, bench, row, overhead press, pulldown/pull-up)?

How do you quantify "wasn't enough"? It didn't produce results (increased muscle size and/or measurements, and decreased fat)? Or it just didn't leave you with DOMS that lingered for days?

You know you don't have to have crippling soreness after a workout in order to see progress, right? If you want to be sore, you can make that the priority and train to be sore. If you want results, you can train without being "literally left in pain".

Anyhow, I'm pretty certain you'd get solid results with this template, 15-30 minutes of cardio a few days a week, and a dialed-in diet. I'd add "and no drugs", but I'm guessing that's not an option for you.


When I see posts like this, I truly have no idea how to put together a useful response.


All you have to do is tell him how to pump his shred.