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High intensity interval cardio-Alex H or anyone else

Hey, I’ve been doing the HIIT cardio as proposed by Tabatha et al. It’s a kick in the ass. The way I’m progressing is that when I can do 10 “reps”(20 sec on 10 sec off) of a certain speed or incline on the treadmill I will increase the intensity, even though I may then only be able to get 5 or 6 reps. This way you can keep progressing and track your endurance. Any thoughts? How’s your cardio going?

A little secert. We only use this protocol with our personal training clients. It works better than anything we have ever found ten times over. But use a bike. set the tension so you can only acheive 6 to 9 sets before you fall under the min. rep speed of 80+rpm’s. Especially when they have a limited time. (Note I did not say it was ten times better but that it has worked ten time better than what else we have tried.) Sorry Shawn the playing with a mountain bike don’t cut it at our gym.
Robert (For those of you who hate the soup I’m a PhD, ND, CFT, CRT ++++ others.)

JJ, how long have you been doing the HIIT? Also, are you dropping much fat?

I’ve only been doing it for 5 days so it’s too early to tell, but I think it will work out fine. If you are able to sprint harder and harder your body will respond, assuming diet is reasonable. By the way Robert, what are you talking about when you say 10 times over not better?

Robert, can you explain HIIT program for us???

Where can I find out more about hiit cardio? Maybe I’m an idiot but I tried to use the search and all I got was the post message page.

Ok the way I understand the HIIT cardio in Tabatha’s study (read the study not the conclusion people!)is that it really isn’t cardio. Basically your lifting very fast with all positive (concentric) movements for 20 seconds and then resting 10 seconds between. So your doing anywhere from 5 to 10 sets of 20 seconds of lifting or in this case biking and resting only 10 seconds between. Doesn’t this sound a good bit like GVM to you guys? My thoughts that because you lack the eccentric (negative) part you cause less damage to the muscle and therefore get all the benefits of fast paced weight training without the damnaging aspects. I would love to here Brocks comments on this. Our results have been great with this. When I combined a low carb diet, the androsol and tribex I got some great reults. Wait for my book on the 9 week program we use. The results are nothing short of amazing and we use all the Biotest supplements. Hmm wonder if they would pay us for our studies. hehe

Robert, I don’t think Tabatha conducted the study with weights, only cardio equipment, although I’m sure you could do it that way. Anyway guys this is what I do: get on a treadmill and put it at a speed or incline
that is very very difficult for you to complete if you were doing it for 2 mins strait
, then get on and do it for 20 secs straight then step off to the side for 10 secs and repeat. Once you can do this for 10 “reps” increase your intensity for the next workout. Now it should be noted that Tabatha feels an aero-dyne(sp) bike (at or above 85%) is the best machine to use for this and a treadmill could be dangerous if you are not careful. But, in conclusion you should be pretty much at exhaustion by your last run.

You missed my point. I was stating its like doing only the concentric portion of lifting and doing it in the German Volume Method (GVM). When we tried the treadmill it was impossible to get the intensity needed to acheive the goal. The goal being failure before the 9th or 10th set. When you are cruising at a pace near your 100% Heart rate or better and you step off the teadmill… well ever see one of the old farts slip off the back of a treadmill at the gym?

Robert, I totally disagree that you can’t achieve the intensity level on a treadmill. Are you saying you can’t run fast enough to get exhausted…what?! But as I pointed out I’m sure you can do it with weigh training…so no I don’t tink I missed your point at all…in fact I agree with your ideas.
However, let me add that if done correctly this type of training requires a certain amount of carbohydrate intake. If your glycogen stores aren’t sufficiently full there is no way you will be able to keep increasing your aerobic capacity, you just won’t have the energy to complete these workouts. But you should not gain fat from this increased carb intake for numerous reasons pertaining to the hormonal and metabolic effects such intense adapatative exercise triggers. So if your someone who does not do well on low carb intakes this type of training may allow you to increase your carb allowance while simultaneously getting leaner.

Try one of Charlie Francais’s versions of HIT cardio training.Want to be ripped like a sprinter?Warm-up and stretch,make sure your loose and warm.Run on the treadmill at speed 7-10 incline 5-6(prevents shin splints)for 100 steps or 20-30 seconds.Then jump off and do 20-30 reps of abdominals or Med ball throws off a wall.Continue this untill you complete 10-12 runs then rest 5min and repeat if you still have some juice left.This routine can used with sprinting on a track,skipping,boxing Etc.If your feet start to feel heavy or fatigue it’s a sign to stop and try to improve next work-out.