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High intensity Cardio

Hello all. Here is my problem . My fat loss is really slow here. I’ve been following the don’t diet plan, but my calories were too high at first so I’ve put them down to about 2400-2450 a day.40% pro-240 grams,33% carb-200grams.27% fat-75 grams. I figure that this should definitely be enough to keep muscle. I’m doing thirty minutes of cardio first thing in the morning and thirty minutes after I lift.I take surge after every workout. I’m also taking MD6 wit a bit of added epherdine and caffeine twice a day. I take one Insulene cap(ALA,glucosol,d-pintol) before carb meals and am also using Methoxy 7. The carb sources are srictly from oatmeal, Surge and broccoli or green beans. The fats come from flax oil , nuts or 95% lean beef. I do not have any clue as to what to do anymore. The only thing i could think of is High intensity cardio. Does anyone have a idea of how to work that in without it being overly catabolic. Perhaps two days HIT cardio and 4 of low intensity. I want to get really ripped for the summer and go low bf so i could put on some serious mass in the winter. Oh yeah I’m at 10-10.5 % bf right now,5’9 178. Thanks alot guys, Mike

Dr. Serrano is a big advocate of High Intensity Cardio and recommends no low intensity aerobics, ever. Beverly recommends the same. I’m 4 months out from a contest and am around your bodyfat, trying to get down to 4%. I’m not doing cardio but weight training to build muscle, thats the way to go. If you want to incorporate High Intensity Cardio do it 2x a week, for about 15minutes. You can do the elliptical or stepper, warm up, then 1 min Level 2, 1 min L.3, 1 min L.2, 1 min L.4.etc going up and down in intensity. Also for fat loss Dr. Serrano Just wrote an article that the ideal ratio for most, especially to build muscle while losing fat (it is possible) is 50% protein, 30% fat and 20% carbs. Carbs only the 1st 3 meals from Oatmeal, peaches, strawberries, or sweet potatos. Protein at least 1.5 g per lb. bodyweight. Cut out carbs post-workout. U dont need the added sugar to spike insulin, stick with Whey protein, isolate if possible. You dont want to suck blood from the muscles towards digestion. T2 and MD6 are the best, no doubt about it. T2’s been helping my progress, big time.

Mike, my man, wassup bud! I think it’d be worth a shot to do some HIIT cardio, bro. Flex gives a good nod too with some decent backup. I personally like to do it first thing in the morning on non-training days. I’ll warm up on the bike for 10 minutes then hit the treadmill for 20 minutes using the intesity approach. For example, I’d do 4 cycles of of varying speeds and/or inclines: 8.0 for a minute, then 8.5, then 9.0, then 9.5 and finish with 10.0 before dropping back to 8.0. I do the same cycles for 2 or 3 sessions then increase the speed by 0.1 or by 1% inclines.

Tim-bo knows cardio(little early 90’s bo jackson reference)thanks for the input…i think i’m gonna cut out the Low intensity stuff on on training days and give this a go.I just can’t believe th fat isn’t flying off me with my diet and activity level right now. I want to take T2 but i wnat to wiat til I’m down around8% or so to get real lean like 6%. Thanks again bud , Flex its cool to know we’re in the same boat. 50 % protein seems a bit high I’m at that 40 level right now tho so its not too far outta reach…lets try and keep exach other updated on our results. Sound Good?